Twitter Network Issues

This is the status of the twitter network issues many of us had on Wednesday night (losing over half or all of our followers and followees) – the reply is from Jason Goldman of Twitter posted to the thread on

Jason Goldman replied to Followers and Following are all gone – when will this be fixed?, a problem about Twitter.

Thank you to all the folks who provided additional information. We went into maintenance mode to recover from the missing user problem which was caused by a data inconsistency problem.We were able to restore to an earlier version of the relationship data. You may still see out of date information for one of the following reasons:

1) The changes are still propagating out to all parts of the site. It will take several hours for the data to be correctly reflected everywhere.

2) There may be some missing data as a result of this restore. In particular, changes you made to your social relationships in the past 12 hours may not be reflected.

3) Notwithstanding the first two points, the counts that appear in your profile for followers or followings may be slightly different than they were before. Those counts are generated from a cache that was not always a perfect reflection of the true data. Therefore, the counts may slightly change.

I completely understand how frustrated everyone is by this outage. Thanks for your patience as we recover and work to make sure it won’t happen again.

I’m heading out of town for 3 days – I’m just going to hide out and hope for the best when I get back! Because, as much as I love Twitter – it’s all about the network. No network, no fun.

UPDATE: It appears as if my network is …