Help Me Choose

I’ve been going back and forth about this for a few years now and NEED input – seriously need it. I’m trying to decide whether to pursue an MBA or a Masters in Education, where there could even be a specialization in Educational Technology. I’m halfway to the Masters in Ed (through credits taken during my certification program) at a local university, but I’m not in love with the program and although this may sound rather quaint, I want to feel challenged by the program and be proud of my accomplishment when I’m done.

Whichever program I choose needs to be either in close proximity to where I live or have an online component – I can NOT move for a grad program right now. My undergrad is in business, I have a background in accounting, and recently completed my teacher licensure in business education.

Which degree has more value career-wise (opportunities, not money) in the long run? I know it’s all about where I want to go, but that’s where I’m a little lost – I want this degree to have value wherever I go!

Help! Would you PLEASE help me out by sharing your thoughts on this? Do you have either of these degrees? Worth it? Not worth it?

Updated to add:

After Jon’s gentle chastising to figure out what I want to do when I grow up, I realized that I didn’t clarify well enough – I’d like to be involved in education (and technology) in some form, I’m just not sure if I’ll always be in a classroom teacher position.…