About Me

I am an educator, e-learning, educational technology and online networking consultant, website designer, blogger, and mother living and working near La Crosse, Wisconsin. My past professions include accountant (tax, audit, insurance) and stay-at-home mother. I do web design and consulting work as Kate Olson Consulting, LLC. I am the founder of and write about my adventures in motherhood at This Mommy Gig – a group parenting blog with a diverse group of writers.

I also write about education at SavvyAuntie – my articles there include:

Auntie Knows Best
An Auntie’s Guide to School Involvement

The online professional development courses I have created and facilitate at Professional Learning Board include:

Introduction to Technology for Teachers
Web Technology for Teachers
Using Your Moodle

I’m always open to new ideas and projects – get in touch if you think we could work together.

All writings are my own opinion and in no way represent the beliefs of my employers, clients or the businesses for whom I consult.