I Bought a New Bread Maker!

Happy New Year!

And I bought a new bread maker! I got the item from craigslist and it’s a little bit of an older model. However, so far, I love it’s performance. The bread maker is theFal OW5005001 Emerilware.

Here’s my reviews of the bread maker.

If you’re looking for an innovative bread and baguette maker that makes a 3 pound loaf of bread, then you should look into the T-Fal OW5005001 Emerilware bread maker. You will also have the option of making loafs that are 2 ½ pounds or 2 pound loafs. The loaf pans that come with the unit are made of non-stick material for convenient empting of the bread and cleaning.

Before I bought this appliance, I had read Zojirushi bread maker reviews and was initially going for the model. However, I changed my mind at the last minute, and I’m not disappointed.

There are 14 settings that are already pre-programmed for baking and 3 crust settings, so you can have the exact crust flakiness you prefer. The express cycle will bake your breads in less than an hour and a half. While making your dinner for the family your whole house will smell delicious from making fresh bread for dinner.

You can also delay the baking of your bread up to 15 hours with the delayed start timer. The mini baguette tray is a perfect size for a family with young children, or if you are having guests over for tea and want to serve a smaller size baguette.

Besides the many bread baking setting there are also settings for making cakes, dough, pasta, and even jams. You will be pleasantly surprised at all the different features the T-Fal OW5005001 bread maker has to make your life easier.

Your bread unit comes with an easy touch pad control for all your settings. The blades are extra sturdy for mixing whole wheat breads and fancy desert breads for when you entertain. Your ingredients will be thoroughly mixed with the double blade action of your bread maker.

The bread machine is designed to make delicious family sized loafs that the whole family will enjoy. The hardest thing you will have to do is put the ingredients in the bread maker; the machine will do all the rest. There are also signals to tell you when to add your fruits or nuts, and another signal that tells you your bread is done. The unique mini baguette pans are a perfect size for making sandwich sized buns and they come out easy from the non-stick pans.

Your T-Fal OW5005001 quality bread maker will consistently give you great looking and tasting breads that your family and friends will enjoy for many years.

T-Fal OW5005001 Customer Reviews

Over 75 customers who have bought the T-Fal OW5005001 bread maker reported that it does everything that it was designed to do and they love the product. Most people liked the fact that it has a larger capacity and is able to make a 3 pound loaf of bread. The unit is great for baking both Bread and Baguettes, and it also can make cakes.

Reviewers remarked on how easy it was to use compared to other bread machines they have owned. The two paddles when kneading the dough does make an important difference in the lightness of the bread. People were impressed that the breads came out in the right texture and so did the cakes. The unit functions quieter then they thought it would, and doesn’t move around the counter when in use.

Consumers liked the fact that it makes a regular size load of bread. One customer said she was so excited when she found out how to make cakes on the quick bread cycle. Her cakes came out better in her bread maker then in the oven and she can’t wait to use her bread maker for special cakes around the holidays. It is impossible to make mistakes with this machine, as long as you are following all the instructions properly.

The T-Fal OW5005001 unit is bigger then consumers thought it would be and some people had problems with the delay timer not working. Some people had trouble with the keep warm cycle, saying it does not shut off. Both of these problems were minor and were easily fixed.

When you weigh all the great features that the Emerilware T-Fal OW5005001 bread maker offers, you’ll just have to have one in your own kitchen. Your whole family will benefit from having natural ingredients in their breads, and pastas, and anything else you will make for healthy foods for your family. Making your favorite breads, deserts, pasta, or jams for the family dinner, holidays, or entertaining, will be easier when you buy a quality Emerilware T-Fal OW5005001 bread maker.

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