Going Hunting? Get a Cheap Rifle Scope

My hubby is an avid outdoors person. And I have to admit he has been influencing me and the kids to spend more time outdoors too. Last weekend, he was researching a rifle scopes online and I got to learn a thing of two about them.

Here’s a summary of what I learned.

Most optics from the WWII era are of lower quality than modern optics found here: https://www.legiontactical.co.za/collections/vortex-optics. However, these optics are still very usable.  Often, you will find clear though not perfect parts for the scopes

How to make Sure it’s a Good Purchase

Make sure the Vintage Rifle Scopes you want to buy still function smoothly and have no significant rust on the ranging ring. Apart from this, ensure the scope is in good condition, there are light or no ring marks, and few normal use marks.  Make sure the optics are clean, clearand bright. The lenses should be scratch free.

If everything works as it should, the scope can be a good purchase.  Make sure the external adjustments work fine and that none of the cross hairs is bent or loose.  You can expect to see some exterior signs of use. But again, as long as the optics and crosshairs are clear, you are good to go.

Some old scopes are so simple that they have no crosshairs nor adjustments. Some have what are called “TV views”. These are basically flattened circles that allow you to get a little bit more left and right viewing.

The Weaver Vintage Rifle Scope

Weaver makes some of the best vintage rifle scopes in US history. Although the scopes are simple (fine and simple crosshairs), they sometimes come with variable objectives and power settings.  If youwant to buy a vintage scope, make sure that most  of the wear and tear on it is simply storage wear.  Also ensure the glass is clear and the adjustments work well. Remember, even though some scopes are old, that does not necessarily make them cheap rifle scopes.  These can cost a lot of money as they are rare and one of a kind.

After firing many rounds in a long shooting session, it is understandable to experience eye fatigue. This is especially the case wehn using vintage scopes which do not have modern amenities such as clarifying lenses and zooms.  You can tell if you have eye fatigue if you have blurry vision after an extended period of time shooting.

That pretty much sums up what I learned over the weekend. If you are looking to purchase any vintage rifle scopes, consider the above mentioned tips.


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