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This was originally posted on, but it got buried there quickly. I realized that educators really need to be reading these as much as parents should, so decided to cross-post:

I’m not a parent of children with Autism or Asperger’s but know many who are and really feel the need to share these 4 (of many, I’m sure) great blogs by parents who DO have children with these unique challenges.

As a teacher, I have had a lot of training about the “definition” of these disorders, but none of it gave me insight the way these women do. My children are really young and I truly have no idea what challenges and hurdles are going to be placed in my path – we’ve dealt with speech therapy already, but that’s the most of it and that was hard enough to go through without a community to go to for resources and advice.

I love how these women write with such complete honesty and welcome others into their experiences – as I’ve said many times before, parenting isn’t for the lonely. We all need people to vent to and share experiences with – these parents might need this even more.

These women and their blogs astonish me with their strength and honesty – check them out, stay a while………and pass them on.

Autism Sucks

Send Chocolate

Note: Autism Sucks is a community and anyone willing and with a story about parenting a child with Autism or Asperberger’s is invited to write. In the sidebar of the site is a email link – email the blog owner and you can contribute!

Do you have any blogs to share that could give parents and educators more insight on the children we teach and raise? Let me know!

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