Teachers of Children with Asperger’s

Ok, I’d like to believe that every education-related professional that reads this blog actually took my advice and joined HARO. I’m a realist, though, and realize that you probably didn’t. Here’s why you should have:

There’s a HARO request today for teachers who work with children with Asperger’s – the query states:

“Hello, I am looking for a teacher who has taught a child with
Asperger’s. The article is in a magazine for teachers. You’d need
to be able to say your school district and discuss what worked for
you and any possible challenges that can come up. “

I recently wrote about some excellent parenting blogs that deal with autism and Asperger’s and know there must be some excellent educators out there writing about this topic as well. If you aren’t on HARO yet and want info on answering the query, just leave a comment here or email me at kolson29 at gmail dot com. I wasn’t sure if it was ok to actually post all the query info, but I’d be glad to forward the email to you. In addition, JOIN HARO.

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