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A Look at Weight Loss Products in South Africa

With the obesity rates in the country going up, I always wonder why Americans are ranked among the most obese people on earth! I can bet you a dollar that you know someone who is obese.

However, I’ve realized that Africa also has obese people. I was doing some research on obesity in Africa and was surprised to find out that stores are coming up that sell the same weight loss supplements in the States.

Here’s what I learned about one of the top weight loss retailers in South Africa.

There are many weight loss supplements that are on the South African retail market currently. These supplements are either natural or nutritional supplements which have been specifically formulated to help those individuals who need some assistance in losing weight.

MelanotanZA is one of the leaders in the market offering weight loss products. Their products have been specifically engineered to assist you in achieving dramatic results and reaching your much anticipated weight loss goals.

MelanotanZA has 4 specific categories of questions that help people make correct decisions in choosing the right product to assist them in achieving the targeted goal.

This article will direct you in choosing the correct product depending on what you looking for in a weight loss supplement.

A Supplement That Works Fast and Is Effective

You probably want a supplement that is quick yet effective in helping you lose weight. Thus, you need an effective appetite suppressant. MelanotanZA has 2 weight loss products: Shape Platinum and The Secret Fat Burner.

You may be wondering which one you should choose. From customer reviews, the Secret Fat Burner is one of the company’s most effective products. It has more side effects compared to the Shape Platinum but does not cost much.

The Shape Platinum, on the other hand, costs a bit more. However, it has less side effects when compared to the Secret Fat Burner.

Losing Weight in a Specific Area

Most of us are challenged with fat build up on certain areas of the body. Losing weight on those specific areas can be challenging. Some people opt for liposuction. For those who can’t liposuction MelanotanZA has the Sculpt that can help you.

With the Sculpt Reduction Gel, there is no surgical procedure needed. All that is required is to apply the gel on the targeted area and let the product work for you. This product really works well.

Natural Long Term Weight Loss

If you looking for a weight loss method that is effective and are prepared to wait a long time to see results, there is a 3 step method to helping you achieve this.

  1. Paleo Diet

This a very effective eating plan. It helps cut down your carbs instantly and does not it involves commitment and time

  1. Using a Natural supplement

There is Garcinia Cambogia, an all-natural supplement which helps suppress your appetite and burn fat. The product has very few side effects and will help you lose weight naturally.

  1. Following an exercise routine

If you want to lose weight naturally, a workout routine must be incorporated into your lifestyle.

Enhance Energy and Burn Fat While Working Out

You may be going to the gym and doing excessive workouts but don’t seem to be achieving the results you want. If this is the case, MelanotanZA has 4 supplements to help you achieve those results. These supplements are formulated to burn fat and enhance your energy levels. One added benefit of these supplements is that they work even when your body is resting.

Besting Fat Burner


Fuck Off Fat


Venom is a dominant thermo genic enhancer that burns fat and speeds up your metabolism. This remarkable combination allows you to train and supplies you with the stamina you need to sustain a high level of intensity during your work out regime.

*Information taken from https://melanotanza.co.za/

Important: MelanotanZA does not offer any medical advice. It is a retail website that sells supplements to assist individuals who find it hard to lose weight. The products sold are not prescribed medication. If you have any health issues, get advice from your physician first before using any supplement.

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